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ZJ Series Roots Vacuum Pump

ZJ Series Roots Vacuum Pump

Product name:ZJ Series Roots Vacuum Pump


ZJ Series Roots Vacuum Pump
Flow Range:30-2500l/s
Head Range:≤5×10-2
Power Range:0.75-18.5kw
Material:Cast Iron、Stainless Steel
Work Pressure:≤1MPa 

Working Priceple 
Roots vacuum pump (referred to as roots pump for short) is a non-internal compression type rotary positive displacement pump, which achieves suction and exhaust by two 8-shape rotors rotating in the pump shell. Its principle is similar with roots blower. As it works within the low pressure range, the free paths of the gas molecules are long, and the resistance is strong for gas to pass through small gaps, thus, it is able to obtain a higher compression ratio, and can be used as a booster vacuum pump; but it can not directly exhaust the gas into the atmosphere alone, and it shall be connected with a fore vacuum pump in series, and exhaust the pumped gas into the atmosphere through the fore vacuum pump. 
The characteristics of the roots pump include: 1. There is a certain gas between the rotor and pump chamber, and between rotors. They do not contact with each other, and do not need oil lubrication. 2. Rotor has a good geometric symmetry, and can improve the rotary speed so as to produce a compact large pumping rate pump. 3. Pump works with small vibration and large capacity, and the capacity utilization factor is around 0.5. 4. In the pump chamber, there is no compression as the mechanical vacuum pump does, so it does not require an exhaust valve. For this reason, it can be used to pump the condensable vapors. 5. It starts fast, and can achieve the ultimate vacuum in a short period. It has low power and low maintenance cost for operation. 6. Roots pump owns a high pumping rate in a wide range of pressures (1000Pa ~ 1Pa). It is able to quickly exhaust the gases which are suddenly released of gas, and cover the shortage of low pumping rate of the diffusion pump and oil sealed mechanical pump under the pressure of (1000Pa ~ 1Pa). As a result, it is most suitable used as a booster pump.Roots vacuum pump is widely used for in vacuum degassing, vacuum melting, vacuum treatment of molten steel in the metallurgical industry, pumping non-corrosive gases in the space simulation facility, low density wind tunnel device and other facilities, as well as distillation, vaporation, drying, and so the production processes in chemical industry, food, medicine, electrical manufacturing and other industries. 
While running, the pumped gas enters between the rotor and pump body from the air inlet. At this time, one rotor and the pump body separate the gas from the air inlet. The insolated gas (shown as the hatching part in the figure) is transferred to the air outlet during the continuous rotation of the rotor. The space is in a closed state; therefore, there is no compression and expansion. However, when the peak of the rotor reach the edge of the air outlet, since the pressure of part V is lower than that around the air outlet, in order to make the pressures in the jointed capacities even, the gas will spread from the air outlet to the district V, and the direction is opposite to the rotary direction of the rotor. When the rotor rotates again, the gas at part V is compressed and then be exhausted form the air outlet. At this time the jointed part of the other side of the rotor and the air inlet sucks gas, and when the rotor constantly rotating, repeat the above process of suction, and continuously exhaust the incoming gases. Such process is equivalent to that rotor space increases from a certain minimum alue to the maximum alue, and declines from the maximum alue to the minimum alue. This is action principle of the capacity of the roots vacuum pump. 
When the roots pump working under a very low inlet pressure, due to the high rotor speed, the linear velocity on the surface of the rotor is close to the thermal motion velocity of molecules. At this time, the gas molecules which in a collision on the rotor are pushed to the air outlet with higher pressure by the rotor, and then exhausted by the fore vacuum pump. This is the action principle of the molecules of the roots vacuum pump. 

ZJ series roots vacuum pump is a kind of rotary positive displacement pump, which must be used with a fore pump. It has a higher pumping rate in a wider pressure range, and not sensitive to the pumped gases which contain dust or water vapor. Therefore, it is widely used in the metallurgy, chemical industry, food, electronic coating and other industries. 

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